Above, featuring the Babicz FCH-4 bass bridge, Gibson USA releases their new EB Bass during the winter NAMM show in
Anaheim California
"As a bassist and luthier I am always keenly aware of what makes an instrument tick. I pay close attention
to all the elements that make a great bass just that; a great bass. After installing the Babicz Full Contact Bridge,
what struck me immediately, was the increase in volume of the bass un-amplified! The body just seemed
to vibrate more readliy. Amplified, the tone is more focused, and more of the energy put into the plucked string is
converted into sound. Also, as a luthier, I'm fascinated by design. The Babicz FCH is one of those
of those designs that made me ask myself, "why didn't I think of that?!?!" I wish I had!

~Scott Ambush of Spyro Gyra
Pro touring / session bassist Andy Irvine gives a full demo of the outstanding Babicz "Full Contact Hardware" retro fit b bass bridge. Andy describes bridge features, construction, function, and shows his styles: palm mute, hamonics, digging in, bounce pivot, slap and pluck and more. Irvine is using his customized P-Bass - 80's Squire2 neck on Mighty Might solid alder replacement body with Black Diamond- flat wound strings and EMG PA active alnico pickups.