Babicz FCH OEM Tune-O-Matic Bridge (OEMTOM)

​​"My target clients for the new Full Contact Hardware "OEM" Tune-O-Matic style bridge, range from small boutique guitar builders to large scale, high volume production guitar factories. Like my original FCH-TOM, the new FCH-OEMTOM utilizes my patented eCAM saddle technology, but with a more streamlined, sleeker appearance. Total non-floatiing, full contact string-to-body coupling is maintained, along with my double locking saddle feature. 

Adding to production efficiencies, the new OEMTOM bridge is mounted to the guitar top with two wood screws, eliminating the typical metal body inserts. If greater neck-to-body flexibility is required, one can employ my "Quick Shim" feature. The optional .080" thick shim can be added below the saddle housings quickly…even with the strings installed on the guitar. This eliminates the need to remove the bridge from the guitar to adapt to various neck pitches, thusly saving time on the production floor".   ~Jeff Babicz, Designer 

​​SRP: $182 - $235

Includes: OEM TOM Bridge (Select "Arched or Flat" plate), two wood mounting screws, shim plate, adjustment instructions, and wrench. Weight: 2.4 oz. *String Lefty or Righty. 
  • Slim, sleek Tune-O-Matic aesthetics 
  • Double Locking- At the saddle and side locker
  • Individual string height adjustments 
  • Dual wood screw mounting 
  • Patented full contact eCAM saddle technology 
  • Available for arched topped Les Paul, or flat topped SG style guitars 
  • "Quick Shim" feature 
  • Acoustically sonic, milled billet aluminum construction 
  • Individual string intonation adjustments 
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​**Only for use on new guitar builds. Cannot be used for existing guitars as a bridge upgrade
​OEM TOM, Arched Plate.........
OEM TOM, Arched Plate..........
​OEM TOM, Arched Plate..........
OEM TOM, Flat Plate.................
OEM TOM, Flat Plate.................
OEM TOM, Flat Plate.................
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