Customer Reviews

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Above, the highest level of Babicz Full Contact Hardware dedication....a massive FCH equipped Fender bass collection, owned by bassest Jesse Arzate!
"I was instantly sold on your bridges after replacing the thin stock bridge on my standard MM Precision. The bridge aligned perfectly with the factory holes and seemed to just slip into place. That was nice but what really blew me away was the cam system for adjusting string height was incredibly easy to use and far more accurate than other bridges that utillize set screws. But as great as all that was, the best part of the bridge was the actual full-contact of the bridge. I own two basses that have Badass bridges, which rely on set-screws to adjust string height, and while good, they don't transfer the same amount of resonnance through the minimal contact provided by the set screws... I play at a relatively low position (around waist height) when standing but when seated, I can feel a really big difference in sound/vibration transference from the FCH because the body rests against my chest. The Badass bridges sound good enough but, when seated, I can both hear and FEEL the growl on the low-end with FCH. It seems to resonnate fully throughout the body, which seems to provide for a much richer tone. Lastly, I referenced the installation instructions before mounting the bridges and it saved me a lot of money by avoiding taking my guitars to a shop. I love your product and have recommended it to friends and acquaintances".

- Jesse Arzate
Owner of ten FCH bass bridges
MORE than Excellent/Genius!

"Leo Fender never spent much time refining his designed tremolo. Vibrato as he called it. He admits this himself. Doesn't really matter, because Leo's concept as a whole was pure GENIUS! A design that has stood the test of 60 years!

BUT this leaves us today with sound transfer issues and certainly tuning consistency issues. Jeff Babicz has completely and utterly solved these two very distinct shortcomings of the Fender Tremolo. His Genius refinement of that system rivals that of Leo's original Genius concept, in terms of scale. These bridges are true to form and function, adhering to the original Fender design concept, while correcting the physical design shortcomings elegantly.

Every guitar we make requiring a Fender type tremolo gets the Full Contact bridge. Every parameter is vastly improved . Tone, Sustain, Action, Stability, and general musicality!

Frankly we hesitated writing a review for Full Contact as we consider it one of our "trade secrets".

- Greg Guitars LLC
Above, from Mr Axemaker: "My latest build PRS copy running PRS Modern eagle pickups . PRS coil tapped three way push pull, sperzel locking tuners and Babicz Full Contact Tuno-matic Bridge with individual string height adjustment. Tasmanian Blackwood body and quilted maple overlay, with a Tasmanian Celery top Neck. The neck is one piece (no ears) and almost neck through, it runs within 75mm from the bottom of the body".
"I have seen many "innovations" for the electric guitar come and go for the last 30 years, and I can say, without a doubt, the Full Contact Bridge system is in the top five, perhaps top three. I did a little comparison test. Prior to installing one to replace my stock TOM/STP (FCH Tune O Matic & Tailpiece), I recorded some tracks into Protools. After the changeover, I recorded the same tracks with the exact same settings. Amazing difference. Much fuller, much richer, more sustain. The entire character of the guitar improved."

"Hey Jeff,

I’ve got a regular Friday gig at Arlene’s Grocery in downtown NYC (live rock karaoke, which is a ridiculously fun gig), and I usually switch out guitars pretty much every week for the gig – I’ve been taking my Gibsons, Fenders, Squiers, my old Ibanez Artists, etc.

But since I put your bridge on my Tele, all that has changed. The Tele has become my #1 for this gig, mainly due to the fact that your bridge has made the Tele pretty much the most stable guitar I own!

I still haven’t had to adjust the intonation since the initial install. The shows at Arlene’s consist of one two-hour set, no breaks. In that situation, it becomes pretty important that the guitars stay in tune, and broken strings are a momentum-killer. The Tele stands up to all the abuse I can dish out, and broken strings are extremely rare nowadays.

The Arlene’s shows are an extreme test for any guitar, and in the months since the FCH bridge went on, this Tele has passed with flying colors. I’m currently eyeing the Strat bridge saddles because I’d like to make my Strats as stable as the Tele – and I always nick up my hand on the stock saddles, and I’d really love to have a bridge with no sharp edges on the Strats!

Thought you’d like to know. Thanks again for an amazing product."


Don Waller
"I installed this on a made in Mexico Fender strat. MIM strats are very good guitars, but the hardware isn't wonderful. I like the sound of the stock pickups, but couldn't keep the instrument in tune after bending strings or working the bar. So after having great success with a Babicz bridge on my Tele, I decided to try one on my Strat. It was very easy to install, however the height of this bridge was much lower than the stock bridge, which was very high...the pickups were sticking way out of the guitar before. The neck had been shimmed at the bridge side. I had to move the shim to the neck side to get the string angle correct.

The sustain block is very thin. I suppose they figure the full contact hardware is where the sustain comes from. No argument with the results! I love how easy it is to adjust this bridge. The adjustments are smooth and precise, clearly well machined. It makes it easy to set the string height and intonation.

The bridge sounds great and is a joy to use. Notes sustain very well, and seem to have a bit more edge and clarity to them. The bar action is very smooth and the bridge is very comfortable against my hand. I set it up for full floating.

This is a great upgrade to a MIM strat. The black hardware looks killer on a black strat (black locking tuners complete the look - I prefer Hipshot). Adding in German made a trem-setter and some Big Bends Nut Sauce, and this is one great playing guitar that holds its tune as well as a fixed bridge. As an aside, I toyed with the idea of replacing the neck with a Warmoth, but a local luthier convinced me he could adjust the neck and nut and dress the frets to play as well for much less money. He was right! He was also very impressed with the Babicz bridge.

I've been playing electric guitar since 1977. Does this strat have a vintage tone? I don't know or much care. Does it sound fuller, sustain better, operate smoothly and stay in tune? You bet! The tuning is remarkable: I can bend the hell out of the strings, divebomb the bar, pull up on the bar, and it just stays in tune. I attribute part of this to the other components I changed and a good setup, but the bridge clearly contributes."

~ Jonathan B Whitcomb
An amazing, custom built Lootnick Tele...full equipped with the Babicz Full Contact Hardware Tele Bridge!
"I was looking around for a new bridge for a parts Jazz bass I have and I came across this. I wanted something a little less common and different from briges I already own (Badass, Hipshot and Schaller i.e. The body and neck on this Jazz are not Fender products so a concern for me was the necessary string height I could get and still maintain action adjustability. It turned out I needed to shim it up a hair, but I am quite certain this would not be an issue at all with a stock Fender instrument.

The bridge itself is extremely well made, with precise machining and close tolerances. It's also a novel approach to string height adjustment as the saddles remain flush to the base. Ingenious! Once it is intonated the saddles lock down. It looks to be very substantial, but since it's aluminum it is deceptively light. The plating looks excellent, but only time will tell how it wears. It looks great though.

The bass I put it on already sustained well with the other bridge (a vintage DiMazio, massive brass), so I wasn't really buying this looking for a sonic improvement. However, I must say I took the bass on a gig and it absolutely sang on all fronts. I am completely satisfied with this item and I wholly recommend it as a drop-in replacement for a Fender J or P. You'll have to see how it works out on other types of basses though installation wise. There is no string spacing adjustment."

"I purchased this bridge (FCH Tune-O-Matic) to replace the bridge on a NEW EPIPHONE LES PAUL that I purchased from Guitar Center. Happy with this bridge, but find it unfortunate to have to spend this kind of $$ to fix problems on a brand new guitar. Apparently it is fairly well known that the bridge placement on the Epiphone guitars is sometimes "off", resulting in the inability to intonate the guitar. And the threads mounting the bridge to the guitar are VERY sloppy (loose fitting with
LOTS of wiggle) making it difficult to keep the guitar in tune. I found this bridge to be an EXCELLENT fix. It has a wide range of adjustability which fixed the intonation problem. It also mounts ROCK SOLID to the surface of the guitar so staying in tune is no longer a problem. As an added bonus, having the bridge in "FULL CONTACT" with the surface of the guitar increases sustain dramatically!! I also liked the ability to adjust individual string height with this bridge (something NEW for a tune-O-matic bridge). Overall, IMHO, I think this is a very high quality piece of equipment, very well made, and looks great too. Dont waste your money on a "TonePros" or "GraphTech" bridge. This puts both of them to shame!"

~B.L. Cailotto
"I purchased this tremolo (FCH Strat Tremolo) for a Fender Squier Affinity Strat. The components are very high quality and between this and a new solid brass block, my cheap Strat's sustain and tone have improved dramatically. This is an outstanding upgrade to almost any Strat. Installation was very easy (Jeff Babicz has a video showing how to do it if needed).

Here are a few things to be aware of: Squire bodies are typically thinner than a MIM (Made in Mexico) Fender Standard Strat (or an American standard), so the tremolo block might stick out the back a little. I don't mind keeping the back tremolo plate off on my Squire, but some might.

The tremolo block is standard zinc to keep cost down. I recommend replacing it with a solid brass or steel block from Killer Guitar Components or Guitar Fetish. I think the one to get is the MIM block (mine arrives next week) - the import block's tremolo hole is off a bit.

Customer service is great - I was missing a saddle screw so I e-mailed the company, and Jeff Babicz himself promptly replied and sent me new screws and saddles for free. Thanks Jeff!

I highly recommend this tremolo upgrade!

~Brendon Colby
"A couple of years ago I bought a MIM Strat not even knowing Fender was building out of Country, SAD. Anyhow, body and neck are fine, hardware sucked, So Ive been upgrading it. This Bridge (FCH Strat Tremolo) has made a huge defference in tone, sustain and the tunability is great. It was a direct bolt-on with no mods needed. I did reuse my 6 mount screws as they were a tiny larger than those that came with my bridge and I thought it to be a smarter choice, Buy IT You'll Like It. The Bridges tremolo action is smooth as silk also and seems not to have added any tuning issues, it looks great too. I think that about sums it up".

"The Babicz full contact Telecaster bridge is by far the most noticeable improvement that you can make on a tele. I've experimented for years with pickups and other bridges but the Babicz tops it all!"

~Georges Hebert
"Best Bass Bridge Ever- I bought this to replace a Fender Deluxe J Bass bridge that had saddle pieces were starting to wonder. This Babicz bridge is a huge chunk of metal. Installing was a breeze...simple screw to screw. The holes matched up perfect. (Be advised the 5 string model of this bridge required some drilling on my MIM and American 5's...but was totally worth it!) Right away I noticed a HUGE increase in sustain. I also found it easier to dial in a sweeter tone on active basses I put it tone transfer has increased. Intonation and string height adjustments are so easy and more accurate. As far as intonation issues other customers experience, I have not had any of those issues. After fully intonated with all sorts of string gauges, no problems yet and I still have plenty of room on the set screw...and I play a 5 string in B flat medium strings and a 4 in E Flat with heavy strings. Maybe they fixed the problem others talk about, but it's all good! I like how intonation and string height lock in place...very nice! Strings last about the same on this breakage problems so far. My Badass bridge used to eat strings if I played heavy. I now own 2 of these and just ordered my 3rd for my new project bass and intend to buy other Babicz hardware for other guitars and stuff. Gonna try the strat bridge on my 93 strat plus. Keep you posted."

"I love this bridge. When I ordered my David Certain custom bass I couldn't afford a bridge upgrade so now that I can I looked at all the usual suspects - Hipshot, Badass and Gotoh. I wanted a direct replacement so I would not have to drill any extra holes I decided on this bridge because it seemed very innovative and solid. I must say it is very solid without being too heavy and it is a breeze to install and I love the locking feature. It adds more sustain and helps the tone without changing it too drastically and I love the saddle design, it is just a rock solid bridge at a great price and I guarantee you will not be disappointed."

~Kevin Jackson
"I put a FCH bass bridge on my MIJ Precision bass and WOW!! What sustain What A difference great tone and harmonics. Get one you will not be disappointed !!!!!!"

~Hap Doty
"I am always interested in new hardware designs and thought this bridge had some nice features so I bought one to try on one of my Jazz basses. The bridge I was replacing was a Leo Quan Badass II, no complaints, just wanted to try something new. The first thing I noticed about the Babicz bridge was how light it felt in my hand. The pictures are a little misleading in that they make the bridge appear to have a very thick, heavy base plate. In reality it was not what I was expecting it terms of mass. The Badass II is at least 25% heavier. I have heard but cannot confirm that the older Badass bridges (I have one from the late 70's on another bass) were machined from stock - not a casting as the new bridges are. I can confirm that the newer Badass II I was replacing is in fact machined from a casting. This may or may not be an issue bit anything machined from billet or stock is going to have more mass than a casting. I cannot tell if the Babicz is cast or not. So I had a feeling that the Babicz was not going to be much of an upgrade due to the lower mass (mass = sustain). The surprise here is that there was a significant improvement in the sound of the bass - brighter with more definition. The design of the Babicz allows for more contact area from the bridge saddles to the base plate. The Badass II contact points are only the tip of the string height adjustment screws and of course where the string connects at the back of the bridge. Contact between the saddle and the base plate plays a bigger part in sustain that where the string connects at the back of the bridge since the string has very limited vibration once it passes over the saddle. I am impressed with the improvement in sound. The other nice feature is that once you have this bridge adjusted it locks down. As long as you don't change string gauge you can restring without any adjustments. I would have given it 5 stars if it had a heavier base plate - at least equal the weight of the Badass II. If you are upgrading from a stock bridge you will really like how this bridge improves the sound."

"Just received it (FCH-4 Bass) as a Christmas gift. It gives my Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass great sustain; it makes a big difference in tone and harmonics. Pictures are deceiving; it looks like a big chunk of metal, but it realli is a nice piece of engineering; very weel made. It does feel great, and setting it up was so easy. It does not require a super tech to install. Looks and feels very well made, and should last for many years to come. Compare with the stock bridges on my other basses,
this is hand down the best, easiest to install and set up. You got to get it to believe it!"

"I had this (FCH) installed by a professional in Sacramento his name is Woody Boyd. He called me into the shop after the initial installation to fine tune the set up. I was amazed how he could adjust each string to a precise height. I spent about another hour with him getting the exact particulars of the set up. When it was over I was simply amazed by the sustain and feel of the strings with the new bridge. I liked the fact, my palm could rest on the bridge without being irritated by the old bridge. I wrote a comment to the manufacture and the President replied directly to me. Great company, and thanks Musician's Friend for the recommendation. You folks are the best."

~Jon-Nolan Paresa
"My ELECTRIC guitar is a Mexican 2010 FENDER Special Edition HSS STRATOCASTER model and it played good before the upgrade but the way it plays NOW is far better. The guitar plays beyond my best expectations as to what I'm calling and telling my friends about the FCH Stratocaster bridge as it is--one "Hot bridge"...with great sound...and greatly improved play action and my friends agree. Note: I had my instrument professionally setup by a pro using Luthier tools and then play tested by a pro player and finally by me! Could not be happier...with my purchase. It is the best innovation in bridge design for electric FENDER guitars in years!"

~David Clemons
"Jeff, thanx for the call back and after having installing this unit [FCH Tele] and know what I know about design and fabrication --this thing is beautiful. It has definitely cleaned up my tone, it does sustain more and adjustment is like fine tuning on a precision instrument".

Thank you for the Quality work--you can feel the passion.

~Bob Burica
"I put a Babicz Full Contact Hardware bridge on my Fender (Squier 70's) Jazz after determining that the bridge and the nut were the weakest individual components on this bass (the stock pickups are not half bad - basically offshore wound SJB-1's). I took a chance with Babicz vs some of the better known brands and was frankly amazed by the improvement over the stock bridge. Action and intonation adjustment is very precise and easy and it looks awesome. What I really did not expect was how it made me hear and feel the resonance of the guitar body itself (this is particularly obvious when unplugged). Makes me think of Warwick's line about the "sound of wood". I can actually hear the guitar now (not just the strings and pups). I use very heavy high tension strings on this bass (Labella 1954 "Jamerson" flats) and have been able to adjust action and intonation under full tension which makes setup quick and easy. The ease of adjustment is handy because I regularly switch between EADG and BEAD tuning using the same strings (it works!) and some minor adjustments are sometimes needed. Overall a great product that significantly exceeded my expectations."

"I have a Music Man Silhouette Special guitar with their Vintage 2 point tremolo. It comes stock with vintage style Bent Steel saddles. This is a very nice guitar stock, good volume unplugged, good resonance, ect. No issues by itself. I read from the music man forum about peoples experiences with changing the stock saddles to solid types be it brass, steel or graphite. The main response is that it gives a slightly fuller or more mid-ranged tone. Different from the more stratty type tone. I had some generic solid saddles laying around, from a previous project guitar build. Brass I believe, and I definitely noticed a change in tone, fuller yes, more mid range, but also lacking in definition. A friend turned me on to your website, I read through it. And it made sense to me. Simple, more saddle in contact with the base plate. more vibration transfer, more tone. I was surprised the saddles fit perfectly with the stock Music man bridge. I was even more surprised by the tone, its fuller, vibrant, and really defined. Just as the Guitar Player review stated. I am very happy with your product."

~Alexander Schlessingerman
"I replaced my vintage style bridge on my prized Jazz Bass with a Babicz FCH bridge and was shocked. The brilliant difference in harmonics (amazing even with dead strings) alone was worth the purchase. The ease of fine tuning each saddle is also a huge benefit. But the main reason why I love this bridge is the impact on my tone. It made my bass brighter and more defined in terms of color. It is much better than most replacement bridges on the market, and also much cheaper. I wish I had more hands so I could give it more than just two thumbs up. Incredible job gentlemen I must say I'm blown away with this one. If you want an awesome bridge for almost half the price go with FCH Babicz. They know what they're doing!

~Spencer Lammers


You'll Love This Product.

I upgraded my standard bridge on my re-issue 1975 Fender Jazz bass, and could not be happier. The installation was a breeze and adjusting the action and string height is painless. What i love the most about this bridge is that you can make adjustments without having to un-loosen the strings, and it has a locking mechanism that locks the intonation when adjusted. I definitely would recommend this product.

"My old P-Bass just didn't have a "True" e-string. With the "Full Contact" bridge, not only are the overtones gone, but you can hear and feel the strings resonate through the solid body. I'm going to put one on my five string next."

~John McCormick
Jeff and Staff,

After a long journey, I am hear to tell you the Babicz strat has been finished. It was originally to be virgin guitar parts and feature hipshot tuners. Well the guitar in the photo attachments is not new. I changed several parts so that it is 50% new parts, and quality used parts. The guitar was purchased on Ebay. The neck, two pickups, and the Babicz bridge were new. The hipshots did not fit the headstock right, so used Carvins work just fine. Some old Nobease knobs were also added.The neck presented problems. It had to be narrowed, and the neck pocket deepened to get the neck to fit right. Now the action is Kosher. So when I played it, it had a great full sound. Is the bridge what gives it the full sound or the lace pickups? Well I have Lace pickups on other guitars, and they sound good, but I bekieve the combination gives it a good sustain. The other lace guitars have clearity, but this has a slight sustain over them. This might be my best sounding guitar now. If you ever decide to manufacture guitars, consider lace pickups as the pickup of choice.

I bet your all reved up for NAMM 2010. Maybe other builders will use your FC bridges in their designs. Best of Luck.

~Larry Smiley, Smiling EYE
Hi Jeff,

I had the FCH bridges installed on my Tele and my Jazz bass and they are a major improvement in both cases! The Tele sounds sweet all over and stays in tune nicely, and the bass is far more playable, with lower action and more tone. Money well spent!!

~Jim Barks


"I had a customer that needed a new bridge for his Tele, and I came across this FCH bridge while researching. He decided to try it, and there is no turning back now! This is the greatest improvement for a Tele that there is, no question. I did a back-to-back comparison with the old bridge (3 pre-comp saddle) and this one, with new strings on each, and not only was the tone better and richer, the sustain increased from 9 seconds to 17 seconds. I would recommend that Fender install these from the factory! If not, then they should be retrofitted to every Tele in the world, vintage or not".



"I put the full contact trem on my hot rodded mexican made strat and it bolted up with no problems....even a cave man could do it. The response and performance increased noticably. I would recommend this to anyone.Tip, Also use big bends nut sauce on all string contact parts".

~Brian T


"The Full Contact Hardware 4-string bass bridge is a great replacement bridge for my Fender P bass. It is a direct fit with no modifying needed. The adjustability of the cam system is easy and allows the action to stay low. This bridge resonates sound to the body with richness. The chrome finish is impecable and adds a nice touch rather than the plane stock bridge. Excellent product".

~Tommy Carpenter


"Excellent product!! I put a Babicz Full Contact Hardware bridge on my Fender (Squier 70's) Jazz after determining that the bridge and the nut were the weakest individual components on this bass (the stock pickups are not half bad - basically offshore wound SJB-1's). I took a chance with Babicz vs some of the better known brands and was frankly amazed by the improvement over the stock bridge. Action and intonation adjustment is very precise and easy and it looks awesome. What I really did not expect was how it made me hear and feel the resonance of the guitar body itself (this is particularly obvious when unplugged). Makes me think of Warwick's line about the "sound of wood". I really hear the wood now. I use very heavy high tension strings on this bass (Labella 1954 "Jamerson" flats)and have been able to adjust action and intonation under full tension which makes setup quick and easy. The ease of adjustment is handy because I regularly switch between EADG and BEAD tuning using the same strings (it works!) and some minor adjustments are sometimes needed".

~Steve Doner


"Im an advid player in a rock band,and I bought a used Fender Strat HSS.(Mexican.To play around with.So i wanted to Modify it a little bit.I installed The Babicz Full Contact Hardware Tremlo,in combination with a Fender LSR Roller nut.and So Far so good The only problem I had with the Babicz is that the mounting screws could have been longer,they were shorter than the original screws".

~tommy federico


"I just installed one of these on my favorite tele. I wanted to move to a six saddle bridge but never liked what was available. This bridge is lightweight and sets up quickly and easily. My tele still sounds great, but now plays even better and intonates easily".

~Fat Bob
"I was working on a customer's Tele a while back and in the process I installed an Earvana nut. Since that nut does an amazing job of perfecting the intonation, I still had to adjust the intonation at the bridge, but it had the absolutely useless angled 3-saddle. I was trying to find a suitable 6-saddle bridge to replace it when I stumbled upon the FCH Tele bridge. The engineering looked solid and the bridge looked awesome, so we tried it.

Since the customer wanted it relic'ed to match his guitar, I ended up speaking with Jeff Babicz on the phone to talk about metallurgy. He turned out to be an awesome guy who spoke with me for a full 30 minutes. I discovered that I had bought one on just about the first day they were available.

Long story a little shorter, after I had installed the bridge (UNrelic'ed), the customer loved and told me not to ruin it with rust (thank God).

I did some tests on the bridge (old v new) in the following fashion:

install original bridge and string (new strings)
perform sustain and tone tests
remove old bridge and strings
install FCH bridge a restring (more new strings)
perform same tests with same criteria

The FCH bridge was infinitely better than the original Tele bridge in every way I can imagine. The sustain test involved strumming an EM chord at a reasonable volume, and waiting for the vibrations to cease (not scientific, just shirtsleeve lab work). The sustain went from 8 seconds to 17 seconds on the FCH. The tone test was purely subjective, but I thought it was a remarkable improvement.

Whoever is saying that palm mutes will suffer with this bridge....I don't understand where that is coming from. Everything worked great. In addition: despite it's apparent heft, the bridge was actually a little lighter than the crappy one it replaced. I expect a similar result with the TOM.

I am personally much more of an LP fan than Fender and have never liked the sound of a Tele. The sound of this guitar improved greatly--the Lollar pickups in this guitar helped a lot--purely from changing to the new bridge. So that's my 2 cents on the efficacy of Babicz's design.

Epilogue--While speaking with Babicz, I asked him about the TOM replacement and it's release date. He told me that it would be out this summer (2010), but I couldn't get a specific date. I will absolutely camp out overnight outside any store that carries it so I can be the first in line. I don't think there are enough good things to say about this technology. My poor, tortured LP will be getting another awesome upgrade in the pursuit of the "perfect Les Paul".

~Gemini Guitars


"My bass was no fun until i got this bad boy. I play with way more precision than i used to. Another thing is the durability and performance is spectacular! although a bit pricey, it's worth every penny in the end".

~slapmasta 5001